In The City Magazine Presents The Week of Shrieks, Day Two: Hallowscream at The Mockingbird

Forget the costumes, the all-night parties and carved pumpkins, Halloween ultimately comes down to one very, very important thing; Horror Movies!

Celebrating the true spirit of Halloween, Birmingham’s brand new cinema experience at The Mockingbird Cinema ahead of its official opening next month in November. To give you a head’s up (off?) for what to expect, In The City Magazine has mined the chills and thrills of cinema to clue you in on what to expect this weekend… We’ll be right back!


Friday 28th October



Director: Ivan Reitman

Starring: Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, Sigourney Weaver

Rating: PG

If you haven’t seen Ghostbusters, you haven’t lived (and might, in fact, be a ghost yourself). The original movie is a cultural phenomenon, fusing comedy, horror and romance into one super-fun flick that will leave the audience humming the theme tune for weeks to come. It might the time of year for frights, but you won’t be leaving the cinema afraid of no ghosts.

Show-Time: 8pm


Saturday 29th October



Director: Wes Craven

Starring: David Arquette, Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, Jamie Kennedy, Liev Shrieber

Rating: 18

Now we’re onto the real grand-daddies of horror. Horror master Wes Craven (RIP), managed to not re-invent the whole genre each decade from the 70s right up until the 1990s, following smash hits like Last House On The Left and Nightmare On Elm Street with this uber-clever, all-so-slick postmodern classic. Scream proves that even if you know all the rules, you still might not win the game…

Show-Time: 5.30pm


Rocky Horror Picture Show


Director: Jim Sharman

Starring: Barry Bostwick, Tim Curry, Richard O’Brien, Susan Sarandon

Rating: 18

There might be a new iteration of this classic out in 2016, but nothing beats doing the original time-warp alongside the likes of Richard O’Brien, Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon. A camp classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a masterpiece of show-tunes, shocks and supernaturally sexy dance numbers. This film will most definitely make you a man…

Show-Time: 8.30pm


Shaun of the Dead

shaunDirector: Edgar Wright

Starring: Kate Ashfield, Nick Frost, Bill Nighy, Simon Pegg, Penelope Wilton

Rating: 18

The film that put British Horror back on the map (or at least, Rom-Zom-Coms anyway), Shaun Of The Dead is a tale all too familiar to any late twenty-something who finds themselves snowed under with the pressures of romance, work and the zombie apocalypse. This movie is the perfect escape from the rigors of the outside world, assuring you that even if the zombie apocalypse is happening outside, you can just go to your local and wait for it all to blow over.

Show-Time: 10.30pm


Sunday 30th October

Interview With The Vampire


Director: Neil Jordan

Starring: Antonio Banderas, Tom Cruise, Kirsten Dunst, Brad Pitt, Christian Slater

Rating: 18

Before Twilight did its damndest to kill the credibility of vampires as horror movie villains, the likes of The Lost Boys, The Hunger and (most crucially) Interview With A Vampire attracted audiences worldwide to the allure of being an immortal predator. A gothic romantic masterpiece, Interview With The Vampire features a litany of Hollwood A-listers devouring their way through history. The portrayal of vampires changes, but the brilliance of this movie does not.

Show-Time: 4pm




Director: Tobe Hooper

Starring: Craig T. Nelson, Heather O’Rourke, Zelda Rubinstein, Beatrice Straight, JoBeth Williams

Rating: 18

Frankly, if Ghostbusters told us we needn’t be afraid of no ghosts, Poltergeist is the movie that made sure we knew that we should right the way through to our bones. A true chilling horror masterpiece, Poltergeist scares audiences today every bit as much as it did in the mid-1980s. If you’re looking for a true fright-night legend, it’s here.

Show-Time: 6.40pm


The Exorcist


Director: William Friedkin

Starring: Linda Blair, Ellen Burstyn, Mercedes McCambridge, Jason Miller, Max Von Sydow

Rating: 18

The absolute king, queen, emperor and overlord of supernatural horror, The Exorcist is a head-twisting, green-pea soup spewing legend that’ll leave you rushing for your nearest hallowed ground. No film in the forty-years plus since this film was released has even come close to its undeniable cultural supremacy, undeniably one of the greatest horror movies ever released.

Show-Time: 9.10pm


All screenings are £5 per film, or £20 for a full weekend pass. Visit for more details. Check back later this week for details of a very special Halloween screening at The Mockingbird on October 31st.


Mockingbird House,

The Custard Factory,

Gibb Street,

Birmingham B9 4AA

0121 224 7456

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