The Continental Connection: Charging Electric Vehicles Throughout Europe


There’s no denying that electric vehicles represent one of the biggest and most important developments in the motoring world. Between government incentives designed to reward prospective car buyers for going green and the announcement that as of 2017 only fully electric vehicles will be exempt from road tax (where previously more eco-friendly hybrids could also be considered exempt), the fact is that the electric vehicle is here to stay.

It shouldn’t be any surprise then, that some of the biggest names in the vehicular manufacturing world have announced plans to greatly expand the UK’s electric vehicle (EV) friendliness. Some of the world’s largest car manufacturers have announced joint plans to create a Europe-wide charging network for electric cars, finally putting paid to the range-between-charges concern of most fuel-to-electric skeptics.

With over 400 charging stations set to be built across Europe by BMV, Ford, Daimler and VW Group, the project is set to be one of the world’s biggest ever international automotive developments. The route is set to make it easy for EV drivers to drive long distances across the continent. Due to be deployed along major routes in almost all major European countries, the network will offer up to 350kW charging facilities – more than double the wattage of current market leader, Tesla.

Electric vehicles MPG Marathon

Whilst no current EV has the capacity for these station’s maximum wattage, the manufacturers assure that the development is an investment into the future and the ever-evolving nature of electric vehicles. The stations are expected to be completed by 2020, with the long-term goal being to make charging at an electric station as easy as refueling at a traditional petrol station.

These plans represent something of a revolution in the electric vehicle market. The idea of a commercially open charging network standing as a stark contrast to the Tesla network’s proprietary system which only allows Tesla vehicles to recharge using Tesla stations.

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