All Hail The Paris Motor Show 2016


The 2016 Paris Motor Show has not failed to deliver in bringing excitement to the world of motoring. The show included key production car launches as well as incredible concept cars that will have you eagerly waiting on baited breathe for what the future may hold. The 2016 Paris Motor Show has been hailed as one of the most exciting car shows in recent memory – here is why…

The cars that had everyone talking (and drooling!):


Audi Q5

Audi unveil the latest version of their premium SUV The new mid-size SUV is screams class and is heavily inspired by the Q7 in terms of design. Features include an angular chrome grille and LED headlights. This latest offering is refined and is set to rival models such as the Mercedes GLC-Class as well as the BMW X3 (due to be

released in 2017).



Concept version revealed The crossover was revealed at the

Paris Motor Show, ahead of the car’s anticipated release in 2018. It is designed to fit between BMW’s X1 and X3 SUVs, the latest in a long-line of niche German crossover SUVs, the X2 concept is visually appealing with clever design features which really make it stand out as a sportier alternative to the X1.


Land Rover Discovery 2017 preview

The British star of the Paris Motor Show 2016 was undoubtedly the new Land Rover Discovery. Land Rover already have the Discovery Sport, Discovery offers more luxury, more power and more space (a seven seater that fully accommodates adults). As well as the feel and design, it has some really cool features like the ability to lock the car via an app.


Mercedes Generation EQ

Mercedes electric future

This may look like a sci-fi concept car, never destined for your local dealership, but underneath is Mercedes’ new Generation EQ platform. One of the aims of the reveal is to showcase EQ platform which is a play on IQ and stands for ‘electric intelligence’, with an adjustable chassis and dual motor electric powertrain – it will be used on a variety of new vehicles over the coming years.


LaFerrari Aperta

Reveal more about the car, design and performance Revealed back in July on an international scale, Ferrari has brought their latest convertible offering to Paris, revealing more about its design and performance,as well as its name: LaFerrari Aperta. One of the world’s great hypercars can now be enjoyed with top or without – without compromising on performance.

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