In The City Magazine’s Week of Shrieks: Ginger Wildheart’s Halloween Hootenanny

Returning for its third year in Wolverhampton, Ginger Wildheart presents his third annual Wildhearts Halloween Hootenanny. A one day, eight band extravaganza that acts as a huge party (with a suitably horrific hangover expected for Sunday morning), the Hootenanny brings together some of Britain’s hottest acts old(er) and new. Held at the Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton, the show runs from 6pm until midnight and will be the hottest gig in the Midlands this weekend.


To prime you for what to expect at this year’s Halloween Hootenanny, In The City Magazine has the inside scoop on the bands performing this Saturday. (Disclaimer: Videos may contain content unsuitable for younger audiences)



 First up for the evening’s entertainment will be Lupus-Dei, the new band featuring The Rev (Towers of London, Hey!Helo!), Toshi (Slaves To Gravity, Hey!Hello!) and Gene Clark (not from The Byrds). A super-slick Punk N Roll band, Lupus-Dei’s appearance at the Wildhearts Halloween Hootenanny will be the band’s first ever show. So, make it in early to start partying in the valley of the beast!


Drama Club Rejects


When it comes to The Wildhearts (and indeed, the Wildhearts Halloween Hootenanny) there’s always a sense of keeping it in the family. Featuring original Wildhearts drummer Stidi, alongside vocalist Nick Parsons (The Almighty), Drama Club Rejects are purveyors of the same hard-hitting turbocharged Power-Pop that made The Wildhearts so popular in the first place.


Crashed Out


It must be stormy up North, to produce fire-and-brimstone Punk Rockers like Crashed Out. A Punk act spawned on the streets of Newcastle, Crashed Out are flagbearers for the genre’s righteously indignant roots. Bringing the filth and the fury to Wolverhampton this weekend, the band are sure to get plenty of bodies moving on the dancefloor.




Hey!Hello! return to Wolverhampton this Saturday following the release of their second album, Hey!Hello! Too! The first of two sets for the ringmaster of the Wildhearts Halloween Hootenanny, Hey!Hello!’s return is as inevitable as Dracula’s from beyond the grave, or Frankenstein’s Monster after a fresh blast of lightning, and every bit as exciting.


Massive Waggons


Riffs seldom come as big, nor songs as perfectly-suited for blasts of behemoth-sized bombast as when played by Massive Waggons. Returning to the Slade Rooms after a successful show back in July, the band are guaranteed to spark jet-fuelled levels of excitement into your heart.

The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing


Named after an infamous quote discovered at the crime-scene of one of Jack The Ripper’s victims and hailed as Britain’s finest Steampunk band, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing could find no better time of year (nor receptive audience) than that of the Wildhearts Halloween Hootenanny. A history lesson, comedy routine and snarling Punk band all in one, you can be sure this act will be a highlight of an already astounding evening.


The Urban Voodoo Machine


The Urban Voodoo Machine are perfectly suited to a night of ghoulish debauchery, having spent 13 years in the wilderness before returning in 2016 with a new album and live dates. Plying a twisted amalgamation of dark country tales, hellish gypsy folklore and a mischievous glint in the eye of a madman, the Urban Voodoo Machine return with a thirst for entertainment of the darkest nature.


Ginger Wildheart


The ringmaster himself, this solo band set by the Wildhearts’ frontman Ginger is set to be the pièce de résistance for a madcap evening of raucous Rock N Roll. Expect more aural acrobatics than generally associated with Ginger’s flagship band, with thrills and riffs aplenty sure to excite. Touted as the last planned solo show for “a very long time”, this show is sure to be an explosive ending to the evening.


Ginger Wildhearts Halloween Hootenanny is at The Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton on Saturday 29th October. Tickets are available from for £28.13.

Rich Hobson


Head writer @ In The City Magazine, obsessive music, film and events fanatic.

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