1493810719_anthony-joshua-vs-wladimir-klitschko-anthony-joshua-vs-wladimir-klitschko-rematch-tyson-furyA rematch to one of the greatest heavyweight fights in many, many years. Two titans going at it, both were showing tremendous heart. Anthony Joshua won the first match up when he knocked out Wladamir Klitschko in the 11th round. Before that Wlad had been knocked down in the 5th and AJ in the sixth. Most people thought that Joshua wouldn’t recover and that Klitschko had taken it. Shockingly, Joshua arose from the canvas after eating a heavy right hand and managed to regain some stamina.


What we learned from the first fight that helps predict the second; both have a solid chance of winning and its very hard to call. Each of them has a power right hand but Klitschko is famous for his very hard and effective jab. He has high ring IQ and sticks to his plans. He stays calm and lethal at the same time. Joshua likes to move into his opponents more and use the jab to mostly bully his opponents backwards at the start and then land rights to make them cautious of his power. He does this until they’re tired and retreating where he can land his power combos to put them away. He had more trouble with Klitschko because he has more experience and opted to trade with him in the middle of the ring instead of retreating back to the ropes. This meant that AJ had to work much harder and his downfall was his stamina. He gassed out early and was too heavy to move and create angles. Basically for a while he was a punching bag that hit back every now and then. His power was what got him through there was no way without his power he would’ve won. Klitschko had his hound out in front of him close to AJ to swipe away his guard o incoming punches so that he could land his big right. His downfall was the fact that AJ managed to move in after dodging Wladmir’s often swinging left and right hooks to the head. Klitschko’s problem was the fact that he was headhunting. AJ managed to move in and plant his feet; lean low and dig hooks into the body then go to the head with uppercuts and then back on the outside. Klitschko had no answer for it when he switched from his jab to the wild hooks.

Now if Joshua comes back and is more lean, drops some weight and works on his stamina and speed, which is already good, then he is in a very good shape to win the 2nd bout. He has to avoid klitschko’s jab and straight right, which is what dropped him in the 6th, and get in on the inside. His method of going to the body is perfect for dealing with klitshko but he should throw one or two shots then move left or right then go to the head and then back to the body where he can dig in to a dazed Klitschko. This method can drain Klitschko and take away his technicality it can move him backwards and take away his speed to set up his right hand. The effectiveness of this is all down to Joshua’s stamina it is detrimental to his victory. Without it he simply gets out boxed.


Klitschko on the other hand needs to take more from what he did in many of his heavyweight bouts during his long reign as titleholder. He should have stuck to jabbing AJ to death in the early rounds until he can launch his right and wear AJ down. His best bet is to keep his left hand out in front of him and keep the distance. When AJ comes in for his inside shots he should move to his right, swipe AJ’s guard away with his left and then lend his backhand. If he does it fast enough he can manage to catch Joshua off his balance. He can stun him and move in for the kill.

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I see Joshua winning I think the knockdown was a real wake up call for him , I think he’ll go away to his training camp and lose some muscle mass , increase his ability to keep his speed. I think Klitschko will not knock down Joshua again as towards the end he was too wild and one of AJ’s best defences is his ability to duck a punch. Either way the fight will be amazing again with a definite clash of titans to be seen.

By Taylor Farnsworth

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