Looking for a way to brighten the rapidly darkening days? Look no further, as the Magical Lantern Festival held at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens offers an astounding display of colours and hues as part of its 2016 winter event.

Debuting for the first time in Birmingham, the Magical Lantern Festival held its initial event in London in 2015, evolving into a national sensation this winter with events in London, Birmingham and Yorkshire. Held from November 25th until January 2nd, the event is a winter lights special perfect for those of us who can’t make it to see the Northern Lights in 2016.

A perfect way to light up the end of the year, the festival is a blend of artistic expression and cultural heritage, making use of traditional style Chinese lanterns (with some postmodern flourishes). Set along a colourful trail, the festival invites guests on a journey across 2000 years of Chinese history illustrated through a kaleidoscope of brightly lit pieces that showcase the heritage of traditional lanterns.

Lanterns at the festival come in every shape and size, ranging from small traditional pieces to an enormous 12-metre wide lantern which serves as the attraction’s entrance. Size isn’t all that varies, however; the lanterns also come in a variety of themes, ranging from Santa and his reindeer, to flowers, animals and even traditional-style Chinese dragons.

Tickets are available on the day of the event at £14 per adult, £10 per child and a Family of Four special of £44. Tickets are cheaper booked online ahead of the festival.

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More than just a feast for the sight however, the Magic Lantern Festival also brings with it a range of international food vendors, offering some of the most sumptuous flavours one could want. Combining arts, crafts, history and entertainment all into one very special event, the Magic Lantern Festival is set to be one of the most colourful displays in the West Midlands this Christmas.

Article by Rich Hobson

Rich Hobson


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