maymacThis fight will be huge. There’s no doubt about it at all. The money involved is crazy. Mayweather is set to become one of three athletes to cross the one billion $ line with the likes of Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. McGregor is reportedly set to make at least 75 million dollars, easily his biggest paycheck in his career.

The fight has been hyped up since it was even mentioned as being a possibility and with the recent press conferences the hype has reached new heights. The fight has even GGG vs Canelo in its shadow which is impressive considering boxing fans have been waiting to see that match up for too long.


All because people want to see whether or not an MMA fighter who destroys people in his sport can enter the world of boxing and defeat a legend that hasn’t been stopped in over 20 years. It is the true underdog story with McGregor easily being the more popular people’s champion and Mayweather being the 8 to 1 favorite to win the bout. The question is, are the bookies wrong?


The answer is very possibly yes. Floyd has trouble with southpaws, which is the way McGregor stands although he can switch, and ring rust is a very real thing. (Ring rust is where a boxer loses ability or talent after being out of the fight game for some time.) If ring rust has affected Mayweather it could be his downfall. McGregor is coming up to if not already at his prime where he is his best vs Mayweather who is 40 and way past the peak of his career. Father time always wins and we’ve seen it many times with the likes of Roy Jones Jr and others who have lost their edge because they fought for too long past their prime. McGregor will also most likely be training much harder than Mayweather as Floyd is probably underestimating McGregor. A very dangerous move seen as the man knocked out Jose Aldo in 13 seconds even though he was a reigning champion for over 10 years. See the similarities? A Conor McGregor who is being doubted is a dangerous Conor McGregor. His wide stance and in and out movement should also throw Mayweather off aa usully people with knovkout power such as McGregor look for the close up inside fight where they can get into a brawl to land a lucky shot or wear down their opponent. Conor, however stays back with a very wide karate/taekwondo stance where he can move in and out. He cuts off his opponents when moving but he keeps the distance and doesn’t lean in or advance too much. He stands and waits to pick his shots like a sniper looking for a one-punch knockout. He keeps his lead( (right) hand out in front of his opponents to make it so that they keep the distance and can’t come straight at him. He uses this to force them to move and create angels but from here he can see whether they’re moving under or right. When he sees this he uses his footwork to move back and then counter with his longer each. The distance here will be way more than Floyd is used to, especially on the ropes. McGregor will wait and go for the outside shots from distance, which Floyd will not have dealt with before. Also if Floyd gets stuck in the corner Conor will apply pressure but not swarm in. From the distance McGregor will struggle to get out of that sitiation he can’t pivot around conor as he’s too far away. Also if the ref allows the clinch then Mcgregor is much better in the clinch from his UFC experience. He’ll know the best way to land punches; separate in a way that favors him. This could drain Mayweather.


However Mayweather is the undefeated champ with a perfect 49-0 record for a reason. His shoulder roll defence is the best in the business. It managed to disarm a young Canelo Alvarez, one of the hardest hitters in the weight division. His movement is fluid and natural to him, it’s an easy reflex reaction that has kept him off of the canvas. If Floyd still has that skill, even without power or hand speed he could beat Conor. Although it would be a boring fight for the fans to see Floyd could coast the 12 rounds to an easy points victory on account of the judges. Or, he could trade with McGregor as long as he uses his counter punch style effectively, picking his shots carefully and only waiting for clean openings so he can reserve energy. Floyd also switches from his shoulder roll defence to having both of his hands up to the side of his face to create an opening. This opening then lures his opponents into taking a good shot down the middle but Floyd lean backs and counters. The perfect and very bait and switch. He also likes to move back and circle the perimeter where he will be able to pick at McGregor, wear him down until he can land combos and cause Conor to get frustrated so Mayweather can use his check-left hook . If Conor comes in too aggressively then Mayweather could quickly punish him with a lean back and straight right down the middle. Another advantage for Floyd is the gloves. He’s made McGregor wear 10oz gloves. He’s used to the UFC’s 4oz gloves. Conor relies on the ability to be able to barely slip a punch , to be able to throw a quick combination and the ability to throw his strikes with power. We saw all of this displayed in his fight with Eddie Alvarez, its what allowed Conor to finish him early. Every single one of these attributes will be directly effected by the gloves in a negative way. When Mayweather throws his punches he won’t even have to be pin point accurate because Conor is used to only just slipping the MMA gloves never-mind a large boxing glove. His hand speed will decrease as he’s having to move something heavier towards his opponent. Finally he will also have less power since the heavier the boxing glove the more padding. His punches will inflict less damage than he’s used to and that could effect his hopes of a one punch knockout.

Sep 12, 2015; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Floyd Mayweather and Andre Berto (not pictured) box during their WBA/WBC welterweight title bout at MGM Grand Garden Arena. Mayweather won via unanimous decision. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports ORG XMIT: USATSI-233764 ORIG FILE ID: 20150912_gma_aa5_388.jpg

There are many ways this fight could end, for all we know we could see Conor get frustrated and launch a spinning back kick at Floyd , we’d all get to see his head bounce off of the canvas which would be amazing to see but huge consequences would ensue.


Either way here’s what I think is going to happen. I think there are only a few options as to what happens.

One: McGregor comes out aggressive early and puts all his power in his punches but keeps the distance and applies pressure (which Floyd won’t be expecting nor will he be used to) without initiating a brawl. He uses his lean back and wide stance to move in and out, hopefully making Floyd panic under the pressure. Floyd moves in trying to land a combo or heavy-handed shot to make Conor change up his game plan and Conor launches his hammer of a left hand.Mayweather drops inside of 4 rounds and McGregor stuns the world.

Two: McGregor comes out early looking for the knockout but he comes in too aggressive and ends up just chasing Floyd around the ring in the early rounds only managing to land rarely while Floyd lands at will. This continues until the later rounds where Floyd picks up the pace and McGregor gasses out. Mayweather wins by decision.

3: McGregor flying knees Floyd’s face into another dimension and gets immediately disqualified. I genuinely hope that the last option is the one we see on August the 26th. I know I’ll be tuning in to see whether or not it will happen and you certainly should too.

By Taylor Farnsworth





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