New Year, New Gigs, New Bands: Interview with Baddies Boogie

It doesn’t matter if it’s Black Sabbath and UB40 in the 70s or Judas Priest and Duran Duran in the 1980s, the musical history of the West Midlands and its bands is legendary.

A wealth of acts have arisen from the area, conquering the musical world from genres as diverse as Heavy Metal, Reggae, Pop and Indie. A scene can’t be sustained on big-name bands alone, however.

The Midlands’ biggest triumph is in its continued support for emergent acts across the board, supported by a diversity of venues both in and out of Birmingham city centre. Those venues are in turn supported by another pillar vital to the sustenance of a healthy music scene; promoters.

With 2017 in its dawning days, we here at In The City Magazine couldn’t think of a better way to look at both the year behind us and the acts yet to come than by contacting some of the city’s best Indie promoters for their forecast on 2017…

The Sherlocks

Baddies Boogie

Stalwarts of the Birmingham Indie scene, brothers Tom and James Amphlett of Baddies Boogie work with some of the freshest faces on the gigging circuit.

Baddies Boogie’s 2016 in a nutshell:

“2016 has been a year where we continued to grow as a company. We held many sold out shows and added more shows each month, with regular nights at The Victoria and The Sunflower now taking place, as well as shows at the O2 Institute, The Flapper and Dares Bar throughout the year (all of this in addition to our weekly shows at The Rainbow Venues).

The standard of these venues is really important to us. It allowed us to the bands we book more venues to play across the city. We also launched our brand new quarterly show, “The Magic Garden” with local legendary producer Gavin Monaghan. The aim of the show is to mix the most promising bands from our shows with the most impressive bands that Gavin has recorded from across the U.K. We encourage the local music family to come down and to network at the night too. The first night was a great success in November and we can’t wait for the next one in February 2017! Finally, 2016 was another year of meeting so many great bands and brilliant people along the way.”

Baddies Boogie’s Gig of 2016:

“We mainly host shows for local talent, but over the last two years we have booked exciting bands from around the country to headline some of our shows. Our favourites being The Sherlocks – a band we first booked in 2014 – who have now signed their first record deal! Their shows have been absolutely mental every time we’ve booked them. What lovely lads too! They really do deserve all the success and credit they’ve been getting. Apart from that show, we have had some fantastic sold out events with The Bad Flowers and Pollen. The Magic Garden launch night was another one that really stood out in our minds.

Marching into 2017:

“In 2017 we are mainly excited about finding new bands who make us excited about watching them. It’s important to us that we offer help and guidance to the bands that we book and we are excited to see the development of bands in 2017 who we’ve booked over the past couple of years. In addition, we will host 4 “Magic Garden” events. We just want them to get bigger and better with each one… So keep your eyes peeled!”

Baddies Boogie’s recommendation for 2017:

This is tricky because we genuinely do book many bands who we love listening to. In December 2015, we first created the “Baddies Boogie Top 20 of 2015″ and we’ve done the same for this year. We pick out all the songs from the bands we’ve booked that year and then vote to give them scores which give them a placing in the top 20! This takes place during a very long car journey to a Wolves away game, and scores are taken from everyone in the car that day! So here is our top 20 songs from Baddies Boogie 2016,; it’s up to you to decide!”


Follow Baddies Boogie (TJ Amphlett) on Facebook to find our more info about their upcoming shows. Supporting independent promoters is a great way to support the local music scene, so get out to a show near you!

Baddies Boogie Poster

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