Bostin’ Fittle for Saint Patrick’s Day – Irish Stew!

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with an Irish Stew!


The celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day in Birmingham creates a wealth of Ireland-inspired events and festivities that run throughout the entire week leading up to the special day. Whilst many of us will be looking to enjoy a fine Irish beverage (Guinness, Magners and Bulmers cider, Jameson’s Whiskey – the options are endless!), more might overlook the fact that Ireland also gives us one of the greatest winter-beating meals of all time; the Irish Stew.

Few things can match a great, traditional Irish stew (or even not-so traditional depending on your tastes), which comes loaded with generous helpings of meaty beef or lamb chunks, potatoes and a host of vegetables that will leave you feeling like you are enjoying Sunday Dinner in a bowl. So, where can you get a bowl of this hearty goodness?

Well, in Birmingham the stew is commonplace in the traditional Irish Quarter of the city – Digbeth.

Venues like Connaught Bar (The Irish Centre) and The Big Bull’s Head on Digbeth High Street serve traditional Irish stews all day throughout the week.

True to its status as the Irish Centre, the Connaught Bar offers a range of Ireland-inspired dishes and pub favourites that have proven extremely popular amongst its patrons. The bar is also adjacent to the Saint Patrick’s Festival in the city.

The Big Bull’s Head offers an extremely hearty bowl of Irish stew that is available either as a sole bowl (with added bread & butter), or as a full meal which adds a full Sunday Dinner style vegetable accompaniment to the stew itself for just £2 more.

Further up Digbeth High Street is the extremely popular pub The Old Crown., which serves its own take on the stew. The Old Crown’s stew is a much more modernised affair, making use of seasonable veg and soda bread for their own unique take on a classic recipe.


Is there anywhere that you love in the West Midlands that does a great Irish Stew? Or do you have a beloved personal recipe that you’d like to share? Let us know, at
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