Shifting Gears for the New Year: Autosport International 2017


What? Autosport International

Where? NEC, Birmingham, B40 1NT

When? 12th – 15th January

How Much? Tickets start at £33 in advance for Adults, £21 for children. Family tickets are also available.


A sister event to The Performance Car Show (also hosted at the NEC on the same dates), the Autosport International 2017 will see the automotive world rev its engines and get in gear for the New Year. Europe’s largest pre-season motorsports event, the Autosport International is a great way to kick off the motoring calendar, catering perfectly to traders and the general public alike. Whether you’re a professional in the automotive industry, a motoring enthusiast or just enjoy getting close and personal with some of the world’s greatest motors, Autosport International is sure to be the motoring event for you.

Now celebrating its 27th year, Autosport International has firmly entrenched itself as a fixture of the motorsports calendar – a perfect build up to the high octane thrills of race season. Split between two trade-only days and two days open to the general public, the event perfectly balances both the professional and public worlds of motorsports.

The definitive article when it comes to automotive exhibitions, Autosport International brings all the very latest developments in the world of motorsports to the showroom for a fascinating and exciting exhibition. The event explores the interconnected (but vastly different) worlds of motorsports and Automotives, as well as cutting edge performance engineering technology to allow visitors to explore all aspects of automobiles past, present and future.

Cars and exhibitors from every level of motor racing are featured at the event, meaning the true petrol head won’t struggle to indulge their passion and interests. By perfectly striking a balance between professional and personal interests in the automotive industry, Autosport International can perfectly cater both to visitors who arrive looking to network and do business, as well as visitors who are just coming to engage with the very best in the motoring world.

Doors to the Autosport International 2017 event open to the general public on Saturday 14th January, letting guests enjoy a weekend amongst some of the brightest stars and brands in the motoring world. The public event allows visitors to engage with a variety of exhibitions and features.

Among these are;

– The Trade and Technical Area: A who’s who line-up of technical motorsports suppliers and businesses, a gateway to the commercial aspect of the motoring world.

– National Motorsports Area: A gateway to the world of entry-level motorsports, offering advice and opportunities to enthusiasts who aren’t content to just watch.

– Historic Motorsports Area: Just as the name suggests, a hall of fame/museum-type attraction that chronicles the best and most important moments in motorsports history.

– Fitness and Preparation Area: A perfect New Year’s attraction, the fitness and preparation area is designed to give visitors the best advice, products and training regimens to help them succeed.

– Experience Zone: VR is certainly one of the hottest properties in tech at the moment, so it makes perfect sense that the motorsports world would adapt its use with state-of-the-art simulators and other tech completely immersing visitors in their own motorsports experiences.

With all of the above plus many, many others, Autosport International is set to be one of the biggest motorsports events of 2017, kicking the year off with a roar.

Rich Hobson


Head writer @ In The City Magazine, obsessive music, film and events fanatic.

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