For someone who is just now looking to get into the world of console gaming there have become quite a few options with many various prices each with their own advantages and disadvantages.


As it stands the most popular console to get is the PlayStation 4 (That being purely based off of the sales data). It was released at the end of 2013 and since then it climbed its way past the PlayStation 2 as the best selling games console to ever exist, an impressive feat.Although since then different consoles and other console variants have been released with the previous ones becoming cheaper so the question is what’s best right now? Should you buy a cheap console now to keep your pennies in your pocket or wait to dish out some serious cash when the new powerful players are released? Lets find out.

The Sony PlayStation 4 was released at the same time in the same generation as its direct competitor the Microsoft Xbox One. Ah, the age old console war between these two giants, the biggest players in the market. The Ps4 with 500GB of storage currently costs around 170 pounds. A steal for what it provides, super fast performance with stellar graphics that you can lose hours in. The Xbox One currently sits at around 200 pounds, which could fluctuate to match the price of the Ps4 depending on where you go. It roughly provides the same service with different, I would argue better, exclusive games such as the Halo and Gears of War series’.

Halo_5_59 Playstation does offer some amazing exclusives though , such as the ratchet and clank games as well as the Uncharted series . Another advantage to playstation is the fact that Xbox has a notoriously poisonous community though which should be considered if you’re buying for someone younger. They’re the base options; cheap and easy yet provide good enough performance.


unchartedThen there are the newer options the PlayStation Slim and Xbox one S. both of which are around 200. Each offer a smaller and more compact version of their predecessors while outputting a newer silk smooth performance with minimal noise emitted from the console itself. The new Nintendo switch is a very small,mobile console that allows you to have a screen and controllers on the go and then dock it when at home to create the feel of a more traditional console. Its been regarded as a generally good console but issues such as battery life and its overpricing does limit it out of the options in some ways. The best option as far as these go for me is the Xbox One S. It’s sleek and compact, efficient and offers exclusives the PlayStations can not and it can output 4k games if you own a 4k TV.



Now comes to the consoles that are sure to empty your wallet. The PlayStation Pro as well as the Xbox One X. PlayStation’s timing with the Pro is not very good since it means that the Xbox slim is better than the Ps4 slim since it has 4k but the Xbox One X will be better than the Pro since the technology has been developing for longer. It claims to be 40% faster than any other console on the planet and its 4k is amazing, simply stunning. Which means if you’re thinking of saving up to get the better software save for the Xbox One X.

So in conclusion, the Xbox One S is the best in the business right now and the Xbox One X is the future prospect to be had. Now after reading that statement and the paragraphs above it is hard to believe that I own ps4 and ps4 slim and don’t plan on purchasing an Xbox One S or Xbox One S. But there you go.

By Taylor Farnsworth

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