Who Are In The City Magazine?

In The City Magazine is a national premier lifestyle magazine based out of Birmingham and created with one specific aim; to provide informative, entertaining and, above all else, positive news, stories and interviews to fully embrace the very best things happening in the world at large. Completely free (after all, you’ll need your money to invest in some of the many excellent products we cover!).

As of August 2016 the magazine comprises of three separate inter-linked products – In The City Magazine Birmingham& West Midlands, In The City Magazine Manchester & North West and In The City Digital. The Birmingham edition of the In The City Magazine brand is our flagship edition, a 100 page almanac of everything good and great in Birmingham, as well as the greater West Midlands region. Similar in format, the Manchester edition of the In The City Magazine is a more condensed, localised version of the flagship brand, with articles mainly covering events, news and businesses that operate out of the greater Manchester region.

In The City Digital is the nascent project which you are exploring currently, featuring digitized versions of the physical magazines (adjusted via analytics to offer you a digitized copy of the magazine closest to your computer) as well as exclusive web content created specifically for the website.

With a readership spread across two of the biggest cities in England (if not the whole UK), we at In The City Magazine pride ourselves on our ability to cover both national and local stories to give our audiences the best possible reading experience they can hope for. Whether this be covering the latest openings, attending the hottest events or interviewing some of the most vibrant personalities in the country, we pride ourselves on our ability to always remain current and up-to-date.

Launched in early 2016, In The City Magazine has fast established itself as a hub for great stories and a veritable talent-pool outlet for aspiring writers, designers and photographers. With plenty of scope and plans for expansion, In The City Magazine is swiftly establishing itself as an indispensable resource of information and entertainment for its readers.

One of the magazine’s most unique selling points is its split between local (40%) and national (60%) editorial pieces, combined with a strong editorial split (once again 60:40) to provide a light-hearted but thorough read for its audience. The magazine aims to be an inclusive brand which can appeal to mass audiences of any ethnicity, gender or cultural background, and as such makes use of a wide variety of contributors from various backgrounds to create truly diverse and engaging content.